Teasel Conservation Volunteers

Teasel Constitution

1. Name - The name of the Stotfold Conservation Volunteer Group is Teasel


2. Aims and Objectives:

              In cooperation with other likeminded organisations we will strive to improve the Town of Stotfold making it a greener and more pleasant place to live.

Preserve and maintain wildlife habitats.

Promote access to the surrounding countryside by public footpaths and bridleways.

Provide a programme of activities for members of the Group.

Where appropriate, record and monitor the flora and fauna of specific areas of the town.

Work closely with Stotfold Town Council – particularly the Recreation, Public Lands and Lighting Committee.

Seek consultation with Central Bedfordshire Planning in any matters relating to the aims of the group.

Work closely with:

                      •  Stotfold Town Council

                      •  Stotfold Watermill and Nature Reserve

                      •  Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity (BRCC)

                      •  Other Local Conservation Groups

                      •  Bedfordshire Drainage Board for any matters pertaining to waterways


3. Membership

Membership of the Group will be open to any person who is willing to volunteer their time on a frequent or infrequent basis.                                  

Membership may cease for the following reasons

            Resignation of the member.

            By decision of the Steering Group in the event of any form of inappropriate behavior, particularly if a member of Teasel or the general public is put at risk.


4. The Group

              Consists of all of the members of Teasel who are each entitled to one vote.

              Will decide the policy to be adopted, by a majority vote, at an AGM or EGM.


5. Steering Committee (SG)

The management of Teasel is vested in a SG that will carry out the policy agreed by the group.

The SG shall comprise of not less than four persons and not more than six.            

As the group is run as a SG, all members of the SG are equal. The Chair will be taken by any member of the SG on a meeting by meeting basis. One SG member

             must be appointed to the role of Treasurer and another to the role of Secretary.

             Meetings of the SG shall be held as frequently as the SG deemed necessary but typically at least 4 times per annum. All meetings will be documented.

             If a consensus cannot be reached, a vote shall be taken on a show of hands. In the event of a tie, the Chair of that meeting will have a casting vote.

            A quorum of the SG shall be four members. In the event that the Secretary is unable to attend the Chair will appoint a Secretary from within the group.

            Any SG member who fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the SG, without an apology, shall cease to be a SG member.

            The SG shall draw up a programme of activities and submit this to the working party for the coming year.


6.   Powers of the Steering Group

       The SG shall have power to:

Manage and transact the activities of the Group.

Set up affiliation to other groups, clubs and societies.

Administer Group funds.

Maintain Group records.

Co-operate additional non-voting members as necessary.

Invite any person to attend meetings, without voting rights.

Issue a members newsletter, and statement documents appropriate to the work of the Group.

Remove members as under section 3.

Fix the date, venue and agenda for the AGM.

Call Extraordinary General Meetings.    


7. Annual General Meetings

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held within 4 months of the end of the financial year, i.e. prior to the end of April, at a date and time to be set by the SG.

The AGM shall elect the SG and the Secretary and Treasurer; those elected shall serve until the next AGM.

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called, at any time, at the discretion of the SG.      


8. Finance

The financial year of the Group shall be from the 1st of January until the 31st December of the following year.

The SG shall arrange for the funds of the Group to be banked or invested.

Cheques must be signed by the Treasurer and one other member of the SG, of two named individuals confirmed at the start of each financial year.


9. Dissolution

In the event of dissolution, no member shall be entitled to any of the assets of the group.

After all claims of Teasel have been met, any residue of the funds and all other assets of Teasel shall be disposed of by a majority decision at a special general

             meeting called for such a purpose.

             Recipients of the Group's funds and assets shall be one that supports the aims and objectives of this constitution.


10. Miscellaneous

              No changes to this constitution may be made other than at General Meeting.

              Any proposed change must be notified in writing to the Secretary at least twenty-one days before the relevant meeting.  

              The Group shall have no liability for any loss or injury suffered by a member during any activity organised by the Group.  

              Data Protection – Names and email addresses of members are confidentially held by the Secretary and will only be disclosed with the agreements of any member(s)


Teasel Constitution