Teasel Conservation Volunteers

Stotfold's Volunteer Conservation Group

  • Formed in 1994

  • 100% voluntary

  • Run as a co-operative (c50 people)

  • Work with and for other organisations

  • Partner with key advisors e.g. BRCC

  • Conservation

  • Enable countryside access

  • Practical “hands-on” activities

  • Management of specific woodland and meadows

  • Guided walks

  • Talks

  • Local community support e.g. tree sponsorship

  • Walk leaflets

Who/What we are in summary

Areas we are responsible for:

  • Stotfold Watermill Local Nature Reserve


  • Centenary Wood


  • Millennium Green


  • Kingfisher Way (local sections)


  • Other works as requested by the Stotfold Town Council


All of these areas are covered in the tabs above

Our Partners and links to their websites (click on the logo to go to their website)

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Stotfold Watermill Local Nature Reserve

Teasel have achieved a huge amount for the Town of Stotfold by creating and maintaining large areas of green space. The "jewel in the crown" is the Local Nature Reserve - this work has taken 12 years to bring it to fruition culminating in its formal opening by Baronness Young of Old Scone on 5th June 2011.

Teasel typically meet every other Saturday througout the year. The team gather in the Nature Reserve at the fenced area alongside the car park. To find out when the next Saturday meeting or to find out more about volunteering with Teasel go to the Contact tab at the top of this page.


Teaselites are a friendly group who are interested in helping to make Stotfold a greener and better environment for you and your families to live in.


Why not give it a try - It is far cheaper than going to a gym and a lot more fun!

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